I’m still alive…


I haven’t blogged in a while. You probably haven’t noticed. And to be honest I don’t know why I’m blogging now, since my MSc thesis is due tomorrow – call this extreme procrastination. Anyhoo, it’s been a stressful week. I’m lucky I have any molars left with all the teeth-grinding I have been engaging in as I slumber. And my back is so sore from sitting on a stupid computer chair that I feel (and possibly look) like this:


Does anyone else feel that chairs are really uncomfy? Why am I not sitting in the office on one of these?


So as I’ve been away and NOT blogging about animals and/or sex for the last few months, let me fill you in. I have been taking various types of dogs (a real one, a robot one and a teddy one) into a playgroup and making the kids play with them for a few minutes. Then, I give the kids stickers. And then I drop the question: “Do you want to share any of yours stickers with the doggy?”


I didn’t think three and four year olds would be all that big on sharing. And indeed, they weren’t – with the toy dogs. However, they were much more likely to share with the real dog. Hmmm.

That’s the main analysis of my study, there’s lots of other cool measures and findings that I won’t bore you with. You can get a copy when it’s published. (LOLZ yeah…)

In the mean time, I feel that my friends Stoo, Emma and Liam sum up my experiment better than I ever could, through the medium of rap:

“”Girls, girls, show me your knickers
This is a rap about dogs and stickers!
Thanks to Lauren Reid’s post graduate studies,
Dogs and children are now best buddies.
Lozza’s doing stats on kids and a dog,
The reward is some stickers, it aint no Pog.
All the kids they being tested for sharing,
But brats want stickers, for dogs they aint caring”

Beautiful. Right I better get back to actually writing this discussion section, since the deadline is tomorrow and all…


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