Show me your tats!

I got a new tattoo today, of Darwin’s tree of life:


Now I know that the rather wonderful Carl Zimmer is already all over the topic of science tattoos in his Science Tattoo Emporium, but I want to ask anyone who reads my blog: Do you have a science tattoo or other geeky symbol? Or are you thinking about getting one, but not quite made the plunge yet? I want to see it! Let us all embrace the passion we have for our favourite subject. Leave links and photos and ideas in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Show me your tats!

  1. That’s an awesome tattoo. IMO, Darwin designed one of the best symbols of all time.

  2. Bastian says:

    Oh dear, this is so cool. Well chosen position, but now i need to complement the “I think” i have on the back of my hand ( with the tree. Need to look for the right position to get it inked. 🙂

    Oh, and I feature another geeky tattoo: The “Aperture Science”-logo of Portal: 🙂

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