Illuminator Imaginators: Light painting

Newcastle’s Centre for Life periodically host events called AfterLife, where adults are invited to explore the science centre after hours for a unique glimpse into what goes on there. I was lucky enough to be involved in the one last night, entitled Light My Fire, which was all about the science behind illumination, from a tesla coil show to an indoor fireworks display. My favourite part, however, was the Illuminators Imaginators tent, where visitors were invited to make their own “light paintings”. This was done using a pitch black gazebo, a long-exposure camera and a LOT of dancing with lights. The creations are absolutely wonderful: Go and have a look! You can even try it yourself if you have some pretty lights and a camera with a long exposure.

(The adorable angel/palm tree/hedgehog featured in the first picture is yours truly, by the by).

Oh: Look out for the light saber battle on page 2, one of my personal favourites.


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