Here is a radical idea. How about we blame the rapists?

The purpose of this article is really just to link to another one, because it sums up what I want to say better than I can. Please click on this link to read a wonderfully articulated take on the Rochdale grooming case.

Now just a few thoughts from me, which basically echo the above article but in a slightly more sweary and less coherent fashion. I apologise that this is a particularly sweary article by my usual blog standards but this is something I feel very strongly about and cannot express my feelings about it any other way.

Why the fuck are we allowing everything to be blamed other than the sexual abusers? Seriously, I honestly, HONESTLY don’t get it. So many questions surrounding this case – is it a race issue? Maybe. Is it to do with the sexualisation of our children? The fashion industry, marketing “provocative” clothing to children? Possibly. Is it a problem with broken families? Who knows. Are the children to blame? Are the parents? Probably.


Are the rapists to blame?

Oh, hold on, what, the rapists?

Yeah, you know, the gang of men who groomed little girls, fed them cigarettes and alcohol and forced them to have sex with them?

Oh. Um… I don’t know. Hadn’t really thought about it.

When will this pile of bullshit stop? What will it take to convince people that rape is never, ever, ever the fault of the victim. I don’t give a shit if she was flashing her knickers, I don’t care if she had her tits out. Hell, I don’t even care if she let you buy her a drink! We live in a society in which 21% of the general population believes a woman is partially responsible for getting raped if she “acts flirtatiously”. 28% of people think a woman is partially responsible for her own rape if she “dresses provocatively”THAT IS NOT OK.  If she did not want to fuck you and you went ahead and did it anyway, you raped her, and that is your fault.

Seriously. I’ll say it slowly just so you *definitely* understand.

Blame. The. Fucking. Rapists.

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