Cute insect of the day: Web spinners

I was watching the BBC Attenborough series Life in the Undergrowth last night and realised I had forgotten all about these little creatures called web spinners. Web spinners (or Embioptera to give them their proper name) are a small, little-known group of insects who have the ability to spin silk from glands in their front legs. They use this silk not to make a web in the way spiders do, but in order to make little silk tents which act as protective shelters from predators and weather conditions. I think they are ADORABLE. Look at their big flat feet! They look like they are cleaning windows and/or waving! I now defy you to watch the video below without giving the web spinners a little voice that just says “hello! Hiya! Hello! Hello!” whilst they are padding out their silk. I’ll let Attenborough tell you some more:

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