If you think I write good, you should meet my dad.

I’ve been told a few times that I write quite well. It’s why I had enough confidence to actually start my own blog in the first place. But, dear readers, this was not all just an accident or coincidence – it’s all in my genes. I got this talent (if you can call it that) from my dad.

Papa Loris has been writing for years, although only ever as a much-loved hobby. He, like me, loves to write. He mostly writes humorous poems and speeches, his specialty being best man wedding speeches, many of which he has written on numerous occasions over the years for friends and family members who were, quite literally, pulling their own hair out and physically spewing at the thought of having to write and deliver a speech that was under immense pressure to be funny.

This is my dad, by the way, pictured with my sister and I. He’s a pretty cool guy.

(Just to confirm: We were at an 80s themed party. As cool as he is, he doesn’t always dress a a Blues Brother). (Yes, my sister is hot).

I’m writing this not just because it was Father’s day yesterday, but for a more specific cause. My dad was made redundant earlier in the year from a run-of-the-mill rat race job that he has been incredibly unhappy in for many, many years, but stuck with because he had a wife and two children to provide for. Even now at the age of 24-and-a-half, I am still not entirely financially independent and although I never ask him for anything, I know my monetary situation is a constant stress for him, yet he has always actively encouraged me to do all of the things I want to do – even if those things do involve continuously going back to university with absolutely no funding.

After being made redundant, my dad has had the guts to give his love for writing a final chance to become more than a hobby. He has set up a website that offers a speech writing service – it’s marketed as a best man speech provider, but he can do much more than that. You can see the website here, and like the facebook page here.

This post is unlike any of my others in that it is basically a big advert for this website, but quite frankly I don’t care. My dad is giving his dream one last shot and if you could just “like” the facebook page to keep his morale up or pass the link on to anyone who might be interested, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks dad, for always putting us before yourself.

Lauren x


2 thoughts on “If you think I write good, you should meet my dad.

  1. Billie-Jo says:

    That is so lovely. Almost made my eyes leak a bit. I already ‘liked’ his page. Go Papa Loris! 🙂

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