On nectarines

It’s a shame when you’re at work or elsewhere and you’re hungry and the only food you have on you is a nectarine, the least socially acceptable fruit one can eat in public, and you consider going into a toilet cubicle to eat it to save you the shame and humiliation and the looks of disgust and disapproval from everyone around you as you squelch and slurp and dribble your way through every agonising but juicily delicious bite.


So it’s the next day and I am packing my bag for work and as I emptying the contents of my bag from yesterday, I find the nectarine that caused me so much grief yesterday. It was in quite a bad way. I’m sorry nectarine, from now on I’ll never take you or any of your family out of the house – you are most definitely a delicious fruit to be enjoyed by one’s self.


One thought on “On nectarines

  1. protohedgehog says:

    Definitely worth making this as public as possible

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