Worst Towel Competition 2012

Hello everyone! I haven’t blogged in a while because I have been off on one of those holiday thingymajiggers. But right now I need your help. Every year Mr Loris and I challenge ourselves to find the Worst Holiday Towel we can (because that’s the kind of CRAZY SHIT we get up to on holiday. Tequilas? Pfft. Banana boat? No thanks – we know how to really have fun!). We both think our towel is the worst, so it is now down to you, dear readers, to decide.  The entries for the Worst Towel Competition are:

1. Manic Parrots

2. Proud Camel

(Okay these pictures are worse than either towel, but it was a very windy day.)

Which one is the most shit? YOU DECIDE! Votes in the comments plz.

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7 thoughts on “Worst Towel Competition 2012

  1. Camille says:

    Parrots! sorry hen 😉

  2. staceyav says:

    It has to be the camel! Macaws and palm trees on a towel are a dime a dozen. Plus I love how disinterested the camel looks at the prospect of being wrapped around wet, naked people!

  3. solongand says:

    Camel. And I think it’s because having a picture of sand on a beach towel annoys me. There’s already enough sand around! Much better to have some eye-catching parrots to brighten up the beach.

    • pygmylorisreid says:

      WOOHOO camel is in the lead! Also I love your slightly odd but beautiful reasoning for your hatred of this particular towel. Makes me happy.

  4. Deirdra Carroll-Murphy says:

    I’m disappointed, to be frank. These are not the worst towrls I’ve seen….my mum gave me one with “You being the burgers, I’ll bring the buns” she is seemingly oblivious to the sexual innuendo…..anyhoo! Camel wins. Parrots are so tacky they’ve become untacky!

    • pygmylorisreid says:

      I have to agree, there was a distinct lack of smut where we were staying! I tried to get my sister a tacky phallic souvenir, to no avail!

  5. Danielle says:

    camel fo sho

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