I’m sorry, Tony Nicklinson.

I want to apologise to Tony Nicklinson on behalf of our country’s legal system.

Tony Nicklinson suffers from “locked-in syndrome” meaning that his brain is still perfectly intact but he cannot physically move, making him completely dependent. Despite leading an “undignified, distressing and intolerable” life, today the courts ruled that Tony cannot legally seek assistance to end his own life. Bear in mind that Tony cannot complete suicide alone due to his disability.

I challenge you to look at this picture and not feel like an unforgivable injustice has taken place.

Huge H/T to Neil Henderson whose Twitter feed I shamelessly stole this picture from but the picture moved me so much I had to share it here. I think it’s time for a law reform.


I have just had an express lesson in law (which admittedly I know nothing about) from a very wise friend of mine, who says that it cannot be that simple:

“Basically three quarters of the population believe in assisted suicide but it rarely gets aired in Parliament because of the religious backlash which is significant as several bishops sit in the House of Lords. The court cases today were for publicity and public awareness. They knew there was no real hope. Courts can’t change laws if they could then anyone could raise a case and if they won – boom! Since the rich would have the most cash to raise said actions can you imagine how life would be? Sad as this is lobbying Parliament for change is the way forward.”

Then lobby we shall. If you are outraged by this, let your voice be heard. Talk about it. Sign this. And let’s hope Tony wins his appeal.

***UPDATE 2***

The news has broken that Tony Nicklinson died peacefully this morning (Wednesday 22nd August 2012, 10am) of natural causes. I hope he rests in peace and my thoughts and best wishes are with his family and friends.

One thought on “I’m sorry, Tony Nicklinson.

  1. staceyav says:

    Tony Nicklinson is the victim of a system that attempts to see a ‘grey area’ issue in black-and-white.

    I know Gordon Brown’s main objection to addressing euthanasia was that he was concerned the vulnerable may be bullied into ending their lives early simply to please others.

    However, it is abundantly clear in this instance that it is not the case. His wishes have been clearly expressed by himself, whilst he was of sound mind. I am fortunate enough to be physically capable of ending my life should I choose. I don’t understand why this most basic right should be denied to him as well.

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