Why is Jeremy Kyle allowed on TV?

Apologies in advance for this being a rather lazy, ranty and well… blindingly obvious post. I also know that the Jeremy Kyle show is just one in a huge number of shows that are appalling and disgusting and everything else, but this morning I woke up in my parent’s house where there is usually a television on (unlike in my flat where there is only a TV in the living room which I rarely watch because a) it’s bloody freezing in there and b) the telebox so tiny that it is genuinely better for my squinty eyes if I watch shows on my laptop) and this is what I heard.

“On you go! Go! Stop wasting my time, go and get smacked off your faces on somebody else’s time! You’re pathetic!”

I very nearly dropped my coffee and pancakes – did I just hear that properly? Yep. It was 9am and the world’s biggest fucktard Jeremy Kyle was sauntering around the screen puffing his pathetic chest out and flapping his arms around like a little juvenile bird attempting to look bigger in order to scare away rival males from his territory.

I despise Jeremy Kyle. I know, I know, we all do. But my hatred towards him is so strong it burns. I think I dislike him more than I dislike any other person in the whole wide world. I dislike a few people but most of the time, when I try really, really hard, I can sort of see their point of view, or understand where they are coming from, or something. I try hard to understand the views and opinions or people who I don’t agree with, because I find it makes it easier to have a rational discussion about a given topic and maybe even sway them to see my side of the argument, rather than laughing at them, saying “LOL OMG WUT LOOK WHAT @STUPIDIDIOT SAID EVERYONE LAUGH AT THEM AND MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE THEY ARE STUPID!!” I see this all the time, especially online. If you use this approach then great, you will probably generate a lot of followers and become a celebrity leader in your own little cult. But to everyone outside your self-selected group, you look like a dick. You look like a bully. I do not like bullies.

Jeremy Kyle is an undeniable bully. He undermines near enough every person who goes on his show (supposedly looking for “help”?) and has the most disgusting attitude and demeanor I have ever seen. You can almost see his penis enlarging every time he gets one over on someone or announces “THIS IS MY STAGE! Waaa I’m Jeremy Kyle and that is MY NAME and this is MY SHOW waaa waaa waaa OH FUCK OFF YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT! GET OFF MY STAGE! SHUT UP YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN HAVE KIDS!” etc. If I saw someone on the street behaving the way he does on stage, I would be on the phone to the police. I know, I know, it’s all hyped up for the cameras and is carefully edited: It’s not that bad, really. WHY is it “hyped up” for the cameras? Is this really entertainment? Watching the lives of members of our society fall apart in front of our eyes – oh no but it’s funny because actually they’re not real members of society because they’re drunks and junkies and not even educated and OMG THEY DON’T EVEN PAY TAX so they deserve the public humiliation. And actually, this article written by someone who used to work on the show sheds some light on what really happens behind the scenes (it does not make things any better):

Guests are wound up like a coiled spring before the show. It is an integral part of preparations – a process, sanctioned by the show’s editors, called “talking up”. It starts hours before the recording of each show, with researchers and producers flitting from guest to guest, talking about the first few points they will say on air. Normally our advice would be stirring, along the lines of “go out there, stand right in his face and point at him so he listens!” Contributors are advised to shout five main points, written by the production team, to support the story of the show. They are encouraged to stand over their opponent, to make their points more effectively… and the guest’s nervous confusion – many had never been on a talk show before – by playing a machiavellian game of “he said, she said” to ensure that feelings run high. For instance, I might tell a guest about another: “You will never believe what he is planning to say about you!”

Some people may claim that Kyle himself is all an act, you know, maybe he’s a genuine bloke in Real Life. Pardon me for being judgmental myself, but I cannot see an ounce of decency or empathy in his empty eyes. How could a humane being do this for a living?

I am aware that every now and then the “guests” on the show go away happier than when they arrived. The DNA test was the result they wanted, the lie detector test was passed and/or someone found a long lost relative. But that doesn’t make up for all the damage that is undoubtedly caused by this show not just to the guests themselves, but to the viewers, too.

The format of the Jeremy Kyle show has been largely accepted and normalised. I don’t watch it very often at all, but when I have the misfortune of catching some of an episode, it makes me feel so uncomfortable that I have to turn it off. But thousands of people don’t turn it off and so become desensitised to a revolting, self- righteous, unqualified bully yelling abuse at other human beings in the name of “entertainment” or worse, “therapy”. If I had children I wouldn’t let them watch this type of behaviour on TV. Why is the Jeremy Kyle Show still on TV? The world would be a better place without it.

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30 thoughts on “Why is Jeremy Kyle allowed on TV?

  1. Jen says:

    I totally, totally, totally agree with absolutely everything that you’ve said.

    • pygmylorisreid says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment :) It’s nice to share the rage!

    • Roger Pooleridge says:

      Totally disagree. It’s amazing television. It enlightens the viewers to the current state of the underclass of society and the helplessness they endure at the mercy of the current bullshit capitalistic elitest democracy that put these people into their positions. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Bo says:

        You spelt elitist wrong, and please don’t use words you don’t understand… Capitalistic elitist democracy? What the fuck? Stop trying to sound smart lmao…

        What the fuck does democracy, capitalism and elitism have to do with it? Underclass of society? LMAO… What makes them underclass? Do you even know the definition of democracy capitalism and elitism? You idiot…

      • Thomas says:

        It is obvious that you watch the Jeremy Kyle show by the language you use to express yourself. Obviously a sad lack of education. plus the fact that I never mentioned ” elitist ” I do know where you got this from , I feel very sorry for you. It’s obvious that this show has seriously effected you mind, you obviously need psychological treatment. What you don’t know is that I have contacted other official bodies concerning this matter . Don’t Worrie I’ll get this filth abolished . Yours sencearly Thomas Brunner

      • Bo says:

        Trying to be a nonconformist just for the sake of being cool.

      • Thomas says:

        You obviously don’t know what damage this program dose to elderly sensitive and younger people, the negative results on my 87 year old wife is devastating, psychological damaged for the rest of her life, if people want to go And see this filth it’s up to them . But this rubbish should not be inflcted on the public by being brodcast on the television, you wake up and smell the coffee, Thomas Brunner

    • Thomas says:

      Yes you’re right. Why is this show not legally band from being broadcast?

    • Please feel free to join my Facebook group.. JEREMY “THE GERM” KYLE. i am trying to get enough people to join so we can get rid of this scum of our TV sets.

  2. jon says:

    Spot On. This totally sums up my feelings about this man-bully. Also he is employed by ITV who i think are dragging this country lower than i ever thought i would see on my television. ITV focus way to much on the “car crash” trash TV and trashier elements of our society and it keeps thriving which in turn leaves me very disheartened and sad

  3. Sharon says:

    I agree. I happened to see it on a hotel TV in London last week at a bit where Kyle was telling some young girl that she was ‘disgusting’ and ‘a horrible person.’ She might have did some questionable things in her life but no human being should be degraded like this. Everyone has the capacity to learn and grow and change and often people need love to do that not contempt. And self-love is the starting point. How can people so utterly dejected, broken or lost ever get back up after a beating from Kyle live on TV. Yes, maybe all self-inflicted – but in the hegemony of the culture we are in; many people are blind to it. I am sure that this kind of class war…for that is what it is….. is feeding the divide, not just in opinion, but in our society between the well off and the ‘benefit scroungers’ as they’re often labelled by our loving government. Surely there is something we can rise up and do??

  4. Magnus says:

    I work at a psychiatric ward where it is on every morning. Like you, I reeeeally hate that dick. I try not to hate, but I just hate him so much and so specifically. He is scum. He is unworthy.

  5. Simon says:

    I am currently unemployed which is painfull for me because I am a worker not a benfit scrounger like politicians, t.v shows & peoples opnions made up for them by what they see & hear from the latter. Fuck J.Kyle, ( punk slag ) his team, I.T.V & 99% of it’s guests it’s people like this that make the lifes of people who are genuinely unemployed difficult. J.Kyle is a patronising & obnoxious asshole who is far to well paid for making SOME people who have got issues looking stupider than they might be. I wouldnt give Kyle, guests or his staff the time of day. I dont watch this so called t.v show I’d rather run a marthon in full kit ( Army Kit ) in blistering heat or terrential rain !.

    • Andrew Davis says:

      I know exactly how you feel mate, i’m currently unemployed to, and hate it. this prick on TV, Offends the lower classes and the unemployed with the shit that comes out his mouth.
      Has anyone noticed, ordinary people come on and he looks down on them and abuses them, but, when its a celebrity who has done worse things, he give them more respect. To me its called fascism.

  6. jlw22@btinternet.com says:

    i loathe the way he drools over z list celebs who have been drug addicts ect; and acts like he is a serious interviewer. and when unfortunate children are brought on i could vomit. he is a bully and very dangerous. some of these guests he abuses clearly have learning difficulties. i would not be surprised if we hear one day of a murder or suicide after enduring his rants. he is a cruel man.!!!!

  7. Peter says:

    I feel exactly the same way. I live in New Zealand and that show still airs every week on the free to air television. It makes me sick. I wonder if he’s proud of himself after every humiliating show? If he considers himself a decent person? He definitely shouldn’t. I hate him and all his gobbling filthy guests and every single person that has anything to do with the running of that show, pathetic cowards getting entertainment at the expense of less fortunate peoples lives. Jeremy Kyle is a weak, pathetic excuse of a human being.

  8. sam says:

    how dare he tell people to shut up when they try and make a point “its called the jeremy kyle show” the man is a disgusting human being, i would love to meet him on the street and see how big a man he would be then, he is the biggest prick that walks on two feet and when he says don’t worry about them they should be at work if they were at work they prick wouldn’t have a show would he i hate him the piece of shit.

  9. sam says:

    he is the biggest liar who walks on two feet he lied to his ex wife telling her he was dying and had only months to live as he had a heart problem and he is a thief who emptied their bank account as well what an ugly lowlife piece of shit

  10. Thomas says:

    This program is very damaging for youg people and sensitive individuals. Why on earth is this perverse nonsense allowed. Should not be broadcast on TV . Is there no legal procedure to ban this obscene show ?

    • Andrew Davis says:

      If you think about it, he “Incites Hatred” towards disadvantaged people, and people with disabilities.
      Isn’t it illegal to “Incite Hate”???? I thought that was a crime at least.
      He’s had 10 years doing it, so if convicted, he would spend a lot of time behind bars.
      Good riddance too!!!!!!

    • Please feel free to join my Facebook group.. JEREMY “THE GERM” KYLE. i am trying to get enough people to join so we can get rid of this scum of our TV sets.

  11. Thomas says:

    For the attention of Pygmy Loris. Just for your information. an elitist is someone who believes in rule by the elite group also an intellectual moralist . I.e., someone who dose not watch the Jeremy Kyle show . Witch is obviously not your case . Thomas Brunner

  12. lorac40 says:

    Well said Jeremy Kyle disgusts me, i cant stand him ..his programme should be axed ..

  13. dalepaul58@gmail.com says:

    I’ve watched it a couple of times. The thing i hate most about it is when he always says “Shut up, i’m talking, that’s why it’s called the Jeremy Kyle show”. It’s supposed to be a talk show but he never gives anyone the chance to explain their side of the story before he starts judging them, it’s the same with the pathetic audience booing them when they come on stage before they have the chance to say anything.

    TV these days is absolutely crap, i would rather spend my time on the internet.


    • Thomas Brunner says:

      All this comments don’t have much effect. Nothing is done to stop this filth being broadcast on the TV . Anyone watching this programme must think that all the people in England are like that, but don’t realise that it’s only a minute percentage of the population that behave in this disgusting manner. If certain people what to see this show on stage, they are welcome to do so . But to inflict it on the general public via TV should not be allowed . But nothing is done about it . As I don’t live in England, there’s nothing much I can do about abolishing this Jeremy Vile show . This program has a devastating effect on elderly and young people, mind boggling permanent mental damage. Pornografy is not broadcast on the TV . Why is this show broadcast?

      Envoyé de mon iPad


  14. […] I am not sitting next to a screaming vomiting baby. Or worse, Jeremy Kyle […]

  15. Thomas Brunner says:

    Nothing is done to stop this mind disturbing Jeramy Kyle show. All this is rather like a talk show without results. As I don’t live in England it’s hard to find legal advice. One day I hope someone will blow him up, I would do so except that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison over this so called human being, his not worth it

    • Please feel free to join my Facebook group.. JEREMY “THE GERM” KYLE. i am trying to get enough people to join so we can get rid of this scum of our TV sets.

      • rachel stammers says:

        Please do all we can to get this scum off TV. also his evil little side kick, as a mental health nurse myself he surely has been struck of the register

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