Leopard slugs don’t have sex – they make love.

I refer to this video clip so often in Real Life that it’s actually quite a catastrophe that I have up until this point failed to embed it in one of my blog posts. This is the mesmerising story about the sex – nae, the love making of the leopard slug (limux maximus). I challenge you to watch this and not be moved at how FREAKING AWESOME nature is. I’ll let Sir David explain the rest.

Points of note:

0.20: A nibble! M’awwww.
1.02: That’s right – an hour or so. AN HOUR OR SO! This is quite the lengthy foreplay right here.
1.47: Like many slugs, the leopard slug is a hermaphrodite, meaning it has both male and female reproductive parts (yeah, the penis bit is beside their head). I’ve discussed this phenomenon in flatworms previously.
3.20: ahahahahahahahahahaaa. Gets me every time.


One thought on “Leopard slugs don’t have sex – they make love.

  1. This is a find. I have the exact same response as you. I will never look at slugs the same way again.

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